How to sell chatbots to local businesses

how to sell chatbots to local businesses

Do you design chatbots and don’t know how to sell chatbots to local businesses?

Well in that case you are definitely in the right place.

Many business owners are looking for either a normal chatbot or a customer service chatbot that offer a valuable service but don’t require the time of an actual employee. 

The great thing about website chatbots is that they can be used in conjunction with social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, meaning that they might bring more profits than you think.

How to sell chatbots to local businesses

There are three ways to sell your chatbot to local businesses: through a website, through a phone conversation or paid ad. With these three methods, you’ll be able to find someone willing to pay for your product easily!


Make a website for your chatbot and have it listed on websites like Craigslist and Indeed, as well as any local business listings. Include your business phone number on the website so anyone can call you to enquire about your chatbot.

Set up a Google Adwords account and pay for relevant keywords. For the best results, use city-specific keywords. This will allow anyone with a problem related to your chatbot to find you easily!

Phone conversation

This method works great if you want to sell directly without a website or advertisements. Call businesses that would benefit from having a chatbot and sell them on the benefits of buying from you instead of making their own chatbot.

You can start this chat by saying, “Hi, do you need a new chatbot?” and selling them on how much more efficient your chatbot will be than theirs. You can ask questions to make it seem like your chatbot is helpful in the situation and may even get their phone number to ensure that they won’t forget about you!

Paid ads

Paid ads work great for hospitality or tourism businesses as well as others with desperate needs for a better marketing method. Download apps with ad-space, such as Social Media Au and Adly. These apps charge a monthly fee depending on the amount of ads displayed on the app.

Say that you want to display an ad for your chatbot for three months. The cycle begins on the first day of the month and ends on your chosen day in the following month. For example, if you choose ‘the 15th’ then your ads will begin from the 1st.

Sales pitch

It is essential that you are able to sell yourself when selling someone on a chatbot and it is best to have a script with you in case they ask questions. Make sure your script is ironed out before calling or speaking to someone.

The first step is to introduce yourself and explain why you’re calling. Make your conversation seem natural and let your prospect feel like they’re in control, so take notes if they ask for anything.

Follow up calls

They say the fortune is in the follow-up, so always follow up with the business that you spoke to or at least send them a follow-up email. This will keep them thinking about you and might lead to another sale!

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