How to sell chatbots

how Chatbots Help Businesses

Maybe the best way to sell chatbots is by selling your own.

The people who are quickest to catch on to new trends are usually the ones who end up ahead of the curve. Which means if you can become an expert in selling chatbots (or, at least, a very knowledgeable amateur) before they take off, you’ll be able to leverage your knowledge and insider know-how into a lucrative side income.

But you might be thinking…

“Great! But how am I supposed to do that?”

Well, it’s not as easy as just saying “you can sell chatbots.” What you have to do is show people how they can sell chatbots and even better if you can show them how to sell chatbots to local businesses.

Here’s how:

Know the basics. First, you have to know what a chatbot is and how it can be used by people who design and develop websites.

Even more importantly, you need to be aware of the difference between a chatbot and a chat engine.

A chat engine is a separate piece of software that runs on your website (or any other webpage) that lets people send messages to your website’s domain. This can be as simple as creating a form where people can enter their message, or as complex as creating a fully-interactive, conversational communication between your website and the person browsing it.

Examples of chat engines include Zopim (, Olark (,, and many more.

A chatbot is an AI program that can answer questions or perform tasks within the context of a conversation with a human being.

Zapier (, which is a company that helps businesses connect their software applications, provides an excellent example of how to use a chatbot by sending data between two different applications.

I’ve made the point in other articles that you need to be an expert in what you’re trying to sell. That means when you’re trying to sell a chatbot, you have to know everything there is to know about how a chatbot works and what it can do for people who buy it.

Like I said before, the only way to become an expert in selling chatbots is to learn about how they work. So that’s exactly what you’re going to do next.

Become an expert. To succeed in any business, you need a competitive advantage that gives you a leg up on the competition. Right now, your competitive advantage is the fact that you’re an expert in the field of chatbots and conversational marketing.

To better understand how to sell chatbots, you need to learn about what chatbots are and what they can do for people who buy them.

You’ll be surprised at how much information there is out there on the internet that will help you learn about chatbots and conversational marketing.

Here are some places where you can find tons of information:

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